See all the releases of Amazon Prime Video for July

See all the releases of Amazon Prime Video for July | Instagram

We have already announced the next releases for Netflix Y Disney +, and now it is the turn of the Amazon Prime Video platform, so if you are a fan of its catalog, keep reading so you know what news it brings for the month of July.

Recently the premiere of the new Amazon Prime Video series, in addition to its documentaries and films, which will arrive in Spain during the month of July.

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Among them are the second season of El Cid, starring Jaime Lorente, The War of Tomorrow, a film starring Chris Pratt or La Familia, a documentary about the Spanish basketball team.

Although in terms of series, Amazon Prime Video does not host major premieres in the month of July, a good dose of outstanding and quite new feature films are incorporated to the platform with which to enjoy in summer.

And like every month, faithful to its appointment, new series, films and documentaries arrive at Prime Video Spain, so these are the news and premieres that you can see in July 2021 on the streaming platform.



1st of July

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July 2nd

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July 23th

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Series and documentaries

1st of July

3rd of July

July 9th

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July 15

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July 23th

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