See a Stormtrooper’s resignation letter to the Death Star

Photo: Stormtrooper in the star of the dead from ‘Star Wars’ / Via Lucasfilm

A Stormtrooper has written a funny resignation letter while the death star explodes in the universe of ‘Star Wars’.

Through the Washington Post, the columnist, Alexandra petri, has written a funny letter where he puts on the suit of a Stormtrooper who decides to give up Empire while the death star explodes, making a simile to what happened in the government American after the capitol invasion in Washington dc last week.

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The article is titled, “I have no choice but to resign from this Star of death as it begins to explode « and says, » It is with great sorrow and a deep sense of responsibility that I must immediately take my resignation from my position on the death star. « 

“However, I don’t see any other option. Now is the time for all of us to get up from our posts and do what is right. It has been an honor to work on this death star. I love aesthetics. I love that I have been able to pursue my great passion: destroying planets and pressing buttons ”.

“I love my little helmet that is shaped like an umbrella for no reason. I love the easy-to-access interfaces on computers, the sliding doors in the corridors, and that we can access any area with the push of a button to extend a bridge. « 

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“Our designs always made sense to me… I love our trusty trash destruction system and the little guy with the tentacles and one eye that lives there. In general, I am proud of this station and what we have achieved together ”, concludes the letter.

The previous letter makes direct reference to the series of resignations by members of the government of Donald trump in the days before and while the whole system collapsed.