Sedated and in his waste, Miguel Palmer’s daughter found him that way

Sedated and in his waste, Miguel Palmer’s daughter found it that way | INSTAGRAM

After yesterday the information was published in TV Notes, in which it was possible to appreciate that the situation was a total hell for both the 78-year-old actor Miguel Palmer and his daughter Valeria palmer who found it in a deplorable way, the program “Selling” He was in charge of contacting his daughter to expand the information and verify it.

Her daughter’s statements were very natural and clear, since she began to tell how she discovered the situation, her voice broke and she even broke in crying, because he had to do different actions to be able to realize what he was doing Edith kleiman, partner of the actor, with his father, who by the way they also wanted to send him to a rest home, “The House of the Actor”.

Valeria’s strategy was to investigate when the anti-C0VID vaccine was due, so I wait for him that very day from very early and finally he left with His couple in a very bad state, skinny, unable to speak, in short, very finished and even shaking, something that had already been said but was confirmed by his daughter’s own words in the entertainment program.

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In addition, when he went to observe the conditions of his father’s home, he realized that it was abandoned, as if no one had been living in that place for a long time and the worst thing was when they got to the bed in which they had him lying and with 13 drops of an anxiolytic and controlled sedative that is very delicate and under prescription, because there he realized that his mattress was completely full of your own waste liquids.

For this reason it was that at the time of meeting him, he could not speak or reason very well, in fact he had an arm and a leg paralyzed, this thanks to the fact that he had a couple of heart attacks and situations that had to be addressed at the time.

The actor’s daughter also clarified that she was calling an ambulance at the time she was finally able to meet her father but that they never sent it to her, she even gave the number of the person who attended her in the form of a public complaint and also clarified that the assistants never They wanted to move her dad or help her in any way, something that seems pretty serious and shouldn’t be happening.

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A question that quickly arose was because he did not visit his father, that if it was all about quarantine or if it was more because he did not have a good relationship with his father’s partner, which he had to answer truthfully saying it was because He did not have a good relationship with her and he even made her a lot of rudeness such as stretching her hand and many other negative situations.

Miguel is still in the hospital being cared for by doctors and specialists so that he is in the best possible condition when he leaves the hospital. He is conscious and had the opportunity to palticate with him, despite the fact that the effect of the medicine that was administered to him had worn off, now he has difficulties due to a catheterization that was done to him.

So far they do not know anything about Edith Kleiman, only that she has not appeared and that her father’s car keys are not there, so it could not be known what is hers at the moment.

At the end of the interview, she began to cry for the complex and difficult to understand situation, something very painful that her daughter herself confessed to feeling. He also said that his dad is not defeated, but that he will recover with all this care and attention that is being provided.

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