Security, economy and fight against corruption, government axes of Cuevas in Cuauhtémoc

MEXICO CITY.- The elected mayor of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevas, stated at a press conference that the three axes of her government will be to guarantee security, fight corruption and reactivate the economy in the demarcation.

He promised that in 18 months, the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office will be the “best” in all of Mexico City.

In 18 months we are going to make the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office the best in Mexico City, ”he said.

Cuevas revealed that during the electoral process she was approached by criminal groups to support her in her campaign, but rejected any relationship with organized crime.

And she acknowledged that they were looking for her, but she immediately “closed the door” on them.

He affirmed that from his position he will fight head-on organized crime that some have made Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office their “home.”

I did not drink, nor have I made any relationship, nor am I going to make any deal with any criminal group, of course they approach you, of course they always look for a way to reach one and more than that we are here in Cuauhtémoc, we know in Where these groups are located, many criminal groups have taken Cuauhtémoc as their home. I did not have or want to have contact with any of them, “he said.

He affirmed that his relationship with the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, will be institutional.

He acknowledged that it is part of the Union of Mayors and that they will have a common work agenda such as the formation of a tourist route in the opposition demarcations.

He pointed out that his electoral victory is firm, irreversible and considered that all people have the right to free association, referring to the meeting apparently called by his opponent, Dolores Padierna, for next Sunday.

He said that in his first 100 days of government he will rehabilitate and “make fashionable” the 39 markets of the mayor’s office, equip the police with 100 patrol cars and 50 motorcycles and visit the 33 neighborhoods of Cuauhtémoc 3 times.

In addition, he announced a reorganization of commerce on public roads without violating the right to work and will propose a route for women to march through the territory of Cuauhtémoc, which will be the first demarcation “refuge” in Mexico City.

I am going to propose for women, for women who demonstrate, for women who raise their voices, who have the strength to raise their voices, a new circuit of marches, I don’t want to politicize the issue, I don’t want to go and introduce myself, If they invite me, I will go, if they do not invite me, I will simply watch that nothing happens to any woman who is demonstrating here in Cuauhtémoc, but what is the circuit that I propose, first go through a judicial city, a judicial city through the bunker, by the Secretariat of Citizen Security and conclude in the National Palace, “he said.

The standard-bearer for the opposition alliance Va por CDMX described as “vulgar gossip” the rumor that her candidacy was promoted by a political group within Morena and affirmed that her electoral victory was due to her “clicking” with the neighbors, their proposals campaign, as well as a vote of punishment for the disappointment generated by the Government of Morena.

That is more of an issue, how to say it so that it does not sound ugly, because a gossip is a vulgar gossip, I do not like politicking, I come here to do politics, “he said.

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