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The artists join the cry for justice for Guillén and other victims.

Latino leaders of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) went to the Pentagon to demand an independent investigation into the soldier’s death Vanessa Guillén.

After the meeting, the secretary of the army Ryan McCarthy announced that it will launch an investigation into how the case was handled, reports WFAA.

The Secretary of the Army ordered an independent and comprehensive review of the command’s climate and culture in Fort Hood, Texas, after the murder of Vanessa Guillén.

Meanwhile, an official told ABC News that Army investigators they found information that Guillén had been harassed, but that it was not sexual harassment, as Guillén’s family stated, and that it did not involve his alleged murderer, Aaron Robinson.

The review is a direct result of concerns raised by the Guillén family, members of Congress, and Hispanic advocacy groups during the investigation into the disappearance and murder of Guillén.

« We consider it unacceptable that one of our soldiers died at a military base, one of the safest places in the United States, and it took the Army two months to investigate this case and say it was foul play, » he said. Cindy Benavidez, LULAC Secretary.

Before his death, Guillén had complained to her family and friends that a senior officer was sexually harassing her at Fort Hood.

“I feel like there was more. She wanted to tell me everything, but something was preventing her. Maybe you threaten, ”said Mayra Guillén, her sister.

Guillén’s family said the 20-year-old soldier was sexually harassed at Fort Hood and was too afraid to step forward with her accusations because she feared retaliation.

LULAC says that Now they have heard from thousands of other female soldiers who say they, too, have been victims of sexual assault and harassment on military bases.

« When a woman puts on a uniform and agrees to serve our country and takes that oath, she must be treated equally to Army men and when they are not and they are mistreated and cries for help are not heard, then there is a clear problem that we have to deal with « , said Domingo García, President of LULAC.

Secretary McCarthy also announced that he will create a commission to See if there is a systemic problem with inappropriate sexual behavior in the military.

LULAC says Guillén’s death, while tragic, may end up bringing major changes to the military and the treatment of female soldiers.

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