‘Secret Invasion’ is the Disney Plus series you’ll want to see

He Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury is back. One of the biggest surprises announced during Disney’s 2020 Investor Day event was the Secret Invasion series, which includes the character. The production is still in development, but nevertheless already arouses considerable interest.

It covers a time and narrative period large enough that it can contain several stories at the same time. So maybe a bigger question mark was Marvel Studio’s decision to bring that fascinating mystery into a series, instead of to the movies.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently explained why the story was conceived in an episodic format. “We are interested in the political paranoia aspect of Secret Invasion and really showing the stars Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn,” Feige told Collider.

“The series will engage with multiple things at once and show the Skrulls in ways you haven’t seen before,” Feige continued. “It would allow us to do something different than what we have done before with both characters.”

To get into context

During the last three phases, Jackson appeared in various films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as SHIELD director Nick Fury, the so-called spy among all spies.

For his part, Ben Mendelsohn played the Skrull Talos in Captain Marvel. Talos, who like all of his kind changes form at will, becomes an ally of Fury and Carol Danvers. Later and in an unexpected twist, it was revealed that he had impersonated Fury in Spider-Man: Far from Home, while Fury enjoyed some free time aboard Talos’ spaceship.

Back to the comics

The original version of Secret Invasion in the Marvel publishing world was an eight-issue 2008 series by Brian Michael Bendis, Leinil Francis Yu, Mark Morales, and Laura Martin.

The expansion, depth, and complexity of the story made several of its narrative threads tie into other Marvel titles as well. The comic series reveals that the Skrulls had been secretly infiltrating the Marvel Universe for years, posing as several well-established characters.

The nature of the original series evoked a sense of paranoia and mistrust among the heroes. No one could be sure who was being impersonated amid the information chaos of the story. Feige’s intention is to mimic the paranoid climate of the comic book version in an entirely new realm. With its six chapters lasting almost an hour, Secret Invasion would allow further explore the idea of ​​an alien invasion on a grand scale in the midst of all the events of the Marvel Universe that we know of so far.

For now, a release date for Secret Invasion on Disney Plus has not been announced, although production is expected to begin later this year.

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