Secret ingredients for cleaning the house that we all have in the pantry | Life

Did you know that you can make your own natural, chemical-free cleaning products? For this you will only need these secret ingredients that you will not find difficult to find: most are in your pantry.

Although we may not like it, we all have to do housework at home to keep the space in which we live clean. To carry out these activities, we generally use specially formulated commercial products to wash dishes, scrub floors, polish wood, or sanitize the bathroom. Most of them include chemical ingredients in their composition.

If you do not like chemical products, in case you did not know, you also have the possibility of use natural ingredients to create your own cleaning products. These recipes have been shown to be effective for cleaning all kinds of things around the house and, apart from cleaning your home without using chemicals, they also save you a lot of money in the drugstore section of the supermarket.

Do you want to remove stains easily and make your clothes smell better? Add these secret ingredients to your washing machine and get the best results.

Here are some recipes to make natural cleaning products with different uses:

Clean the microwave. Mix two cups of water with a quarter cup of lemon juice in a microwave-safe glass container. Then heat it on low for eight minutes – the steam will soften food splatters and make it easier to clean. Clean the oven. Mix a cup and a half of baking soda and a quarter cup of vinegar, apply the paste inside the oven and let it rest overnight. The next morning the dirt will sponge off effortlessly. Remove stains from marble. This task can be carried out with lemon juice and salt. Mix these ingredients into a paste and rub the stain gently. When it disappears, rinse the preparation and clean with a damp cloth. Remove stains from clothes and carpets. If your clothes or rugs have stubborn stains, apply a little sparkling water and scrub with a towel or soft brush.

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Polish silver. If you have silver items that you would like to shine, make a paste by mixing cornstarch with water. Cover the silver with the mixture, let it sit for a while and then use a cloth to polish the piece. Polishing wooden floors and furniture. To give your wooden floors and furniture shine, you can use a cloth impregnated with a little olive oil. Cleaning windows. To restore the glass to its shine, mix equal parts water and white wine vinegar in a spray bottle, spray the solution on the glass surface, and then wipe dry.