Alexander Kueng was released on Friday, June 19 after posting a bond of $ 750,000.

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Alexander Kueng, the second police officer related to murder of George Floyd, received freedom under bond and was released on Friday June 19 after paying 750 thousand dollars.

This was reported by his lawyer, Thonas Plunkett, to ´ABC News´ without providing more detail than mentioned in the records of the Hennepin County prison in Minnesota, USA.

Kueng, 26, is one of three police officers singled out for aiding and abetting second-degree murder of George Floyd, along with Thomas Lane, who paid bond to leave on June 10 and Tou Thao, who remains incarcerated.

Derek Chauvin, a former police officer accused of placing his knee on George’s neck, is also still in prison and faces sentences for murder in second degree and second degree murder with a bond fixed at 1.25 million dollars, according to ´The New York Post ‘.