He Almeria breathe with the coronavirus. After detecting the positive of a member of the staff, the Andalusian club has confirmed this Friday that for the second consecutive day all the staff members have given negative in the COVID-19 tests.

Last Wednesday, alarms went off in Almería when a player tested positive for coronavirus. However, the club has reassured the fans about the footballer’s health: « Our positive partner continues to be well at home, a lot of strength! », confirmed Almería on their social networks.

While it seems that the situation is under control, the team exercises under strict security measures. In this way, during training this Thursday, the players did not use the changing rooms and did not do collective exercises. At the moment, all the members of the squad have tested negative for coronavirus, but safety measures are extreme so that the team can choose to play for promotion to the First Division on the field of play.

The situation in the silver category of Spanish football is not exactly the best. In the midst of the Fuenlabrada Case scandal, the positives in the Zaragoza and Almería squads have put the dispute of the promotion phase to the best league in the world is in serious danger. For the moment, the negatives in Almería invite us to be optimistic.