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Systemic Reaction unveiled one of the first trailers for Second Extinction during an Xbox Series X gaming event. Dinosaur FPS is coming to more platforms as it will also be available on Xbox One and PC via Steam.

If the concept of the title caught your attention, take into account that you will be able to play it very soon, at least on PC. Systemic Reaction confirmed today that it is preparing to launch the FPS in Early Access through the Valve platform.

This means that the title will continue to be developed and that players will be able to contribute their feedback to improve it towards its official launch on PC and Microsoft consoles.

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When is Second Extinction coming to Steam Early Access?

There is currently no exact release date for Second Extinction in Early Access. However, it is a fact that it will be playable on Steam sometime in September.

The developer did not reveal a launch window for its version of Xbox Series X or Xbox One for now. Systemic Reaction reminded players that its project will offer cooperative games for up to 3 players.

He also explained that the title will have very interactive environments and that his plans are to add new content on a regular basis. Among the confirmed content are more types of dinosaurs and missions.

The aim is for Second Extinction to have game-as-a-service elements, a vision that they plan to fulfill during Early Access on PC. The multiplayer mode will allow you to explore various areas with a specific number of threats.

As you imagine, the number will represent the difficulty and the type of enemies you will encounter. The threat level will change regularly and will be adjusted each week during Early Access.

This implies that players must have a good strategy to confront the dinosaurs in certain areas. Especially the most difficult ones, where sometimes the participation of a full team of players will be essential to overcome the challenge.

In case you missed it: this will be the Beta of Second Extinction

Second Extinction will premiere on PC via Steam Early Access in September. The title does not yet have a release date on Xbox Series X or Xbox One. Here you will find more information about this project.