Sebastián Yatra showed what he likes to do in privacy and not even Tini Stoessel recognized it

Sebastián Yatra has caught everyone’s attention, but even more so from Tini Stoessel, by sharing what he likes to do in private.

Tini Stoessel Y Sebastian Yatra they separated mired in all kinds of rumors about the reason that led them to make that decision. However, the rumor that gained the most force at that time was that he had left with Danna Paola, with whom he would have cheated on Tini Stoessel one night they coincided together at an event. At that moment, Danna Paola only managed to say « with Yatra yes I left », leaving the door of speculation open … and making Tini Stoessel chirp!

Then the story is known: Sebastián Yatra and Danna Paola recorded a song together, making clear the enormous chemistry they have, not only on stage, but also below it. Although they assure that they are united by a beautiful friendship, the followers swear that something else happened there.

Tini Stoessel was not far behind either: she was romantically linked with several people, but the strongest rumor was the one that united her with Khea. He and Tini recorded a song together and even sang it on stage, with their mouths very close to each other … And the only thing missing was the kiss to seal that chemistry that managed to stir up the audience!

Although time passed, it is until today that, every time one of the two publishes something, instantly their own followers swear that they are dedicating things to get the other’s attention.

On this occasion, a photograph of Sebastián Yatra in private was enough for even Tini Stoessel to not recognize him. Gone seems to have been that fanaticism for dressing in fashion and having everything always combined.

Now the Colombian singer has been dressing in an extremely striking way, without combining the clothes, much less the colors he uses. This has attracted the attention of more than one, there are even those who have been encouraged to ensure that their appearance reflects how they feel internally after having separated from Tini Stoessel.

Either way, they will always give something to talk about and although Tini Stoessel wants to pretend that he does not find out anything about Sebastián Yatra, the truth is that he is just as pending and there is no doubt that this postcard has reached him in privacy, where did Sebastián Yatra conquer? with his look.