Separate of Tini Stoessel, Sebastián Yatra fully enjoys her singleness with her new musical hits, including « Don’t dance alone », with his colleague Danna Paola.

Although the break with Argentina cost him to be the center of attention for weeks, the Colombian is happy about the new thing he brings. Let’s remember that, when premiering « Don’t dance alone », the Mexican was placed as the « third in discord » between Yatra and Tini, although all denied it.

Sebastián Yatra.

Now, the artist left everyone to his fans, over 23 million on Instagram, stunned with a video where, definitely, being single feels much better. Among the comments, you can see phrases like « what you missed Tini! ».

Obtaining then more than 500 thousand views and 2,000 comments, Sebastián Yatra announced the premiere of the remix version of « Madness », together with their interpreters Dalex, Cali and Dandee, and J Quiles. Beyond the catchy song, the obvious training that the Colombian in quarantine has done is what stole all the attention on the Internet.

Even his colleagues joked and asked him if they also had to upload a video with those characteristics. After all, if you get more fans by imitating Yatra, there’s nothing to lose!