MIAMI, FLORIDA – AUGUST 30: Sebastian Yatra performs live on stage during the Spotify Viva Latino! Live on August 30, 2019 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by John Parra / . for Spotify)

John Parra / .

Just a few days ago Sebastián Yatra Y Ricky Martin they released the video “Lack of love”As expected, the two look more than handsome. However, despite what everyone could imagine, it was the Colombian who has left the drool dropping more than one. Not only does he look very sexy in black, but at a certain point in the video, Sebastián breaks his shirt and leaves all his squares in plain sight, thus taking as many compliments as possible.

In addition to this, the singer-songwriter said that for him the fact of entering a recording studio with Ricky Martin meant “A total learning”, since at some point he felt intimidated by the Puerto Rican: “One does not look very normal next to him, I know where all eyes are going to go”, said Sebastián Yatra in an interview that he offered for The Sun of Mexico.

Nevertheless, Sebastian he left his jaw on the ground not only when Ricky Martin He agreed to record the song with him, but to see that the fans did pay attention to his pictures and his talent.

On the other hand, Sebastian It is found like many isolated turning forty to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Meanwhile, he dedicates himself to recording music videos on Instagram for his followers and has taken this time to compose new songs and to prepare himself for the filming of one of a television series that he will do to Disney.

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