Sebastian Stan shares a fan’s theory about Bucky’s difficulties reading The Hobbit – Tomatazos

JRR Tolkien’s best known work is undoubtedly his trilogy of The Lord of the rings. The Fellowship of the Ring was not his first published novel about Middle-earth. That honor goes to The Hobbit and for many that was our first introduction to the work of this author and his world populated by elves, hobbits and dwarves. This 1937 book laid the foundation for the world and history that we would see in greater depth in the trilogy that would begin to be published 17 years later.

Without a doubt one of the most striking scenes that Marvel told us about Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97% is the fact that Bucky knows who Gandalf is because he read The Hobbit in the year it was published. This excited the fans a lot because it was proof of the existence of the universe created by Tolkien in the MCU. It is the type of references that fans love to find in their series and more because Marvel advanced it as a way to pay tribute to the author and attract fans of this.

The scene is very good, but the reality is that it is not the most feasible thing in the world that this happened. The book was actually published in September 1937 in England, but it did not reach the United States until early 1938. Bucky did not arrive in Europe until 1943. As mentioned in Mashable, the first print run of the book consisted of only 1,500 copies and by the end of the year another 3,000 copies were published. In other words, at that time only 4,500 people had a copy of the book. It is a fairly small amount. I know that there are people it can be difficult to imagine this, but in that year the author was not famous. Unless, for some reason, someone was familiar with his academic work, there wasn’t much of a reason to go to all the logistical and monetary work that would go into bringing a copy of that book. To be honest, the book was not a best-seller in the United States until the sixties, which was when there was a boom for his work. That explains why the high fantasy books derived from his novels did not begin to be published until the 1970s and 1980s such as The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant or the Shannara novels.

To think that somehow Bucky was made of a copy in 1937 would imply a series of coincidences, which being the MCU could well have happened, but from a realistic perspective it is not likely.

Leaving this party pooper speech aside. A Twitter user shared a hilarious theory about how hard it was for Bucky to read the book when he was friends with Steve Rogers. Actor Sebastian Stan read said joke and liked it enough to share it in his Instragam story. Here is a screenshot:

I can just imagine someone informing Bucky that Steve got into a fight again and him putting his book aside thinking ‘That bastard just won’t let me read’.


It is easy to imagine the actor saying that phrase in a flashback with his particular tone. It’s good to see the actor show his appreciation to the fans.

On the other hand, following on theories that most likely we will not see come true in the MCU, the actor recently revealed how he would like his character to die:

Do you want me to tell you how Bucky is going to die? Oh God, hopefully by now it’s going to happen in a warm bed like a 200-year-old man with a family. Thats your way now. I think he has earned it.