If something is leaving us confined to our homes, it’s time to gobble up series and check social media frequently. In the new season of the Netflix series ‘La Casa de Papel’ a comparison has been made that Seat did not like much with respect to its historic 600.

‘La Casa de Papel’ premiered its fourth season yesterday on the famous Netflix platform. The expectation for the arrival of this new installment in full confinement was enormous. The main topics on the different social networks during the day yesterday had to do with characters or phrases from the series.

In particular, there was a phrase that made the biggest impact on the audience: “You are a Maserati. Do not stay with someone who treats you like a 600.” In the face of such a stir, Seat has not been slow to respond with some irony highlighting the importance and history of its mythical model.

Unless “treating you like a 600” means taking care of yourself for the next 50 years and living the rest of your life’s adventures together

– SEAT Spain (@tuSEAT) April 3, 2020

And is not for less. The Spanish brand has worked in the production of the 600 between the years 1957 and 1973. A model that was built and developed under license by Fiat on the original Italian Fiat 600, designed by Dante Giacosa.

The car was a ‘boom’ within our country. Shortly thereafter, sales declined gradually due to increased competition from other companies. For example, the arrival of the Renault 5 and the new Seat 127 to face the French brand.

Seat workers fired the last 600 who left their factory with a banner that read: “You were born a prince and you die a king.” It was the final copy of the 799,419 that were manufactured at the Barcelona Free Trade Zone factory.

The 600 lasted on our roads for longer. According to some sources, in 2007 there were still more than 10,000 registered Seat models. It was the vehicle that ‘motorized’ Spain and for this reason it has been honored with several monuments present in Malaga, Granada and JaĆ©n.

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