Seat appoints two members to its executive committee

A South African and a German

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Updated Friday, July 2, 2021 – 12:40

David Powels and Kai Vogels enter as vice presidents in the areas of Finance and Commercial, respectively.

The South African David Powels (i) and the German Kai Vogels.Cupra The ‘proud’ Formentor LGTBI + Griffiths “President Aragons has told me that the electric car is key”

The executive committee of Seat SA, the Spanish company of the Volkswagen group that manufactures and markets the Seat and Cupra brands, will have two new vice presidents in the coming months. David powels will have executive power in the area of ​​Finance and IT from the first of September and Kai vogler, take command in the Commercial facet on October 1.

The executive committee of the Spanish company, which continues to be 100% male, will have seven members, one more, since the vice president Carsten Isensee retires., after temporarily replacing Luca de Meo at the head of Seat SA until Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen Group, appointed Griffiths as De Meo’s successor. If there are no more movements, in October it will be configured, under the presidency of Wayne griffiths, with the two new members and also the executive vice presidents Werner tietz (R&D), Herbert Steiner (Production and Logistics), Xavier Ros (Human Resources) and Alfonso Sancha (Shopping).

This year, Seat has also appointed another man to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tomas Schmall, who is also the Volkswagen group’s chief technology officer. He replaces Herbert Diess himself.

And a few days ago the company announced the appointment of Sven Schuwirth like new Director of Digital Business and Product Strategy, position to assume as of July 1.

Regarding the two new members of the council, Powels, who speaks German, English and Portuguese, to replace Carsten Isensee, who is retiring after a 34-year career with the Volkswagen Group ,. The new Vice President of Finance is South African and has more than 30 years of experience with the Volkswagen Group in China, Brazil, Germany and South Africa. Since 2017 he is the first vice president and Commercial Executive Vice President of SAIC Volkswagen Automotive, a company shared by the Chinese SAIC Motor and the German automobile group.

The German Kai Vogler, who speaks German and English, fill the position that President Wayne Griffiths holds in the business area. Seat SA presents him as an expert in new business models. Since 2019 it is Regional Director for Europe of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, with global competition in all European countries, with the exception of Germany. He has already held positions of responsibility at Volkswagen Moller Bilfinans AS and Porsche Financial Services, in Germany and in Norway.

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