Season 8 of “Apex Legends” introduces the explosive Fuse

Apex Legends will have a new character in its new season 8 | Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has revealed Fuse, the 16th playable character from its popular battle royale game « Apex Legends. »

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Fuse was announced via the latest clip of « Stories From The Outlands », titled « Good As Gold », which shows the origins of the new characters before making their grand entrance into « Apex Legends ».

The animated short shows Fuse and his anonymous partner who they grow up in the hectic streets of Salvo. The two stumble upon a gold grenade attached to a corpse and take it away. The two are seen growing up as demolition experts and playfully fighting for ownership of the grenade.

Over the course of the clip, Fuse focuses his attention on cage fighting and eventually announced his plans to leave Salvo to compete in the Apex Games. His decision does not sit well with his partner and the two of them get into a fight. Finally, he throws the gold grenade unpinned at Fuse, who loses an arm in the process.

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The clip ends with the announcement that the eighth season of « Apex Legends » will start on February 2nd. The website of EA He has also confirmed that the new season will see the addition of a new weapon: the 30-30 repeating rifle.

The rifle is described as « Salvo’s most popular weapon » and « destroys the opposition with forceful rounds. »