The Sinner: Season 3 Now Available on Netflix | INSTAGRAM

The third installment of this suspenseful police series reached the international streaming platform and fans flooded the networks with the news.

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Fortunately, shortly after the completion of the fourth season of the series was confirmed, “The Sinner” was released in Latin America, this new production of a mystery-filled police story by Bill and Matt Bomer.

And it is that after two intense captivating seasons, however, of totally independent stories and only linked by its protagonist, detective Harry Ambrose, this time, it will be a car accident that triggers the investigation where many related secrets will soon be revealed with Jamie, a teacher with an apparently perfect life.

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Through the networks, the loyal fans enthusiastically celebrated the arrival of this third and new installment, leaving their messages and comments about it on their respective Twitter accounts, thus making « The Sinner » quickly become a trend.

These publications where they indicate that the series is more than good, intriguing, that its story increasingly manages to be more shocking, also mention that the actors in question do an excellent job, so, at the end of almost all these posts, we find the phrase: « highly recommended ».

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There were even users who claim that The Sinner is a gem, as there is literally no detail that can be described as waste. If you are a fan of police stories, mysteries to be solved, this series is totally suitable for you.

« The 3rd season of The Sinner is now available on Netflix and it’s SO good that I dare say it’s the best of 3. Matt Bomer is amazing as Jamie, the dark protagonist of this new season. » It was one of the publications with the most retweets within the platform.

Although some other users did not take long to make their famous memes, which quickly became a trend, because in addition to being creative, they turned out to be very funny.

If you have not taken the time to watch these episodes full of drama and mystery, we recommend that you run to open your Netflix, serve yourself some snacks and go sailing.