Season 2 of Luis Miguel The series premieres in April

More than two years have passed since the end of the first season of Luis Miguel La Serie, the documentary fiction program starring Diego Boneta and which will premiere one episode a week on Netflix. Now thanks to its long-awaited announcement we have finally confirmed the premiere date.

Will be the Sunday, April 18, the premiere of season 2 of Luis Miguel La Serie on Netflix. This repeating the same dynamic of the first season where every Sunday night a new episode was released, unlike other Netflix content that is released in full.

As one episode is broadcast in the United States exclusively through Telemundo each week, Luis Miguel’s series is one of those few series content that premiere weekly episodes. As with Better Call Saul in its first seasons and other Korean series.

But this, more than a disadvantage, can be used by the streaming service to its advantage since it would be competing in the format that has served other platforms that premiere weekly such as HBO or Disney Plus.

The production of season 2 of Luis Miguel La Serie faced certain challenges throughout 2020, as stated exclusively for Cine PREMIERE by one of the series directors, Natalia Beristain:

«… I think of Luis Miguel, for example, although I know that scripts are being rewritten precisely with the intention of finding a narrative that allows us to return to filming as soon as possible, but Luis Miguel is from the period. That is, you are not going to put Luis Miguel with a mask and four meters away from the girl with whom he is having a conversation. So there are a lot of questions about how to go back to filming and I’m sure there will be production companies and crews that take it more seriously than others… ».

Luis Miguel the series

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