The option of a dark theme in Windows 10 has been around for years, but its lack of consistency it is as old as the color selection button in the Personalization section of Settings.

“Solo” took more than three years to reach the File Explorer which remained with a white background with or without active dark theme, and to this day, it is still not consistent in the system search, since while the start menu and drawer are dark, the results have a light background.

More than five years to see this change

Dark Theme Windows 10 Search

These are the search results in Windows 10 WITH the dark theme active

Reported by Insiders using Windows 10 Build 20211, finally the system search already shows the results in dark mode just like the search drawer itself. And it is that if we open the start menu or launch the search directly with the Windows keys + S, the drawer appears dark, but as soon as we type a search the results change to a light background as seen in the picture above.

Apple is going to achieve with macOS Big Sur in months what Microsoft has not achieved with Windows 10 in 5 years

The novelty, that It seems silly, but it is important for the consistency of the design of the whole system, and that are details that some of us appreciate very much because we pay too much attention, is that Microsoft has finally dyed the background of the results black:

Windows 10 Search Results Appear With Dark Theme 1024x798
Windows 10 Search Results Appear With Dark Theme 1024x798

Search results in Windows 10 build 20211 for Insiders

Very very slowly, but at least safely, Windows 10 has been improving its consistency in design. That the system has been in existence for more than five years and just today a change like this is being seen is sad, but in Windows the changes are always very slow, especially in design.

Now all you have to do is unify the different menus, settings, options, icons, tiles, and legacy functions that Windows probably won’t get rid of because it is part of its usability core.

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