Sean Strickland and the time he almost killed a man

Sean Strickland will face Uriah Hall this weekend in the main event – his first main event – at UFC Vegas 33.. The two are chasing a shot at the world middleweight title. The first is in position 11 of the classification while the second is in eighth. The winner will not be the champion’s next opponent but will take a big step forward in that direction. Both are finalizing preparations for combat.

His training and event promotion aside, Sean Strickland recently took a few minutes to count. the story of the time she almost killed a man (via Twitter):


“For those of you wondering how I almost killed a man, I’m in a meeting and I was probably talking like an idiot. The next thing I know is that this guy puts a shotgun to my head. Then like an idiot I hit him in the face, he falls down, I grab the gun and At that moment I contemplated if I shot this motherfucker in the heada, is there any legal defense? Unfortunately, I looked around and saw that there were witnesses, so I thought if I killed this man I would have gone to jail. So I unload the gun, give it back to him and leaveStrickland said.

“The moral of the story is, man, you almost died, and every day I regret the fact that there were witnesses and I could have shot him. But I forgive him. Again, I would have killed him and enjoyed every moment of watching his head splash. But there is no legal defense for shooting an unarmed man on his knees begging for his life. I wish I could have, but I would have gone to jail. And you guys, I’m not mad, I’m one of the happiest human beings you’ve ever met. Every day I wake up and I am super grateful for life. You can shoot someone in the head and not be angry. In any case, it could be nice, “concluded the fighter.


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