Sean Penn refuses to return to shoot until the entire crew is vaccinated against COVID-19

Sean Penn has been firm and forceful before the team of his next series ‘Gaslit’, to whom he has issued a real ultimatum. The actor has assured, according to Variety, that he does not intend to resume filming this project until the entire cast and crew involved in this series have received their vaccines to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

NBC Universal, studio behind the production of this series, had already imposed mandatory vaccination for all those team members who were closest to the place where the series was being shot. For this, different vaccination spaces were placed in situ, to facilitate this process for the filming of this project. However, despite this, the actor has established that wants everyone involved in the filming of the series to have received the vaccination, otherwise he will not resume his participation in this series. Penn has even been willing to offer these mandatory vaccinations himself provided this is achieved through a non-profit organization of yours dedicated to this purpose.

Synopsis and details of the series

‘Gaslit’ is a series based on the podcast ‘Slow Burn’ and takes another look at the Watergate scandal, this time recovering a series of characters forgotten by history and that they had a direct implication with this event. Sean Penn will star in this series playing Attorney General John Mitchell, a loyal advisor to Richard Nixon and one of his best friends during those years. Joining him will be nothing more and nothing less than Julia Roberts, in the role of Martha Mitchell, his wife and one of the first to sound the alarm about Nixon’s involvement in this scandal. Other cast members are Dan Stevens (‘Beauty and the Beast’) or Betty Gilpin (‘Glow’).

In the production of the series that will be broadcast on the Starz channel, NBCUniversal intervenes, with Sam Esmail (‘Mr. Robot’) as one of its executive producers, returning to coincide with Julia Roberts after the first season of ‘Homecoming’. The last time we saw Sean Penn was with Mel Gibson in the movie ‘Between Reason and Madness’, released last year.

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