Sean O’Malley is getting the hype that many fighters can only dream of. However the he’s still very young in the UFC. After breaking into the bantamweight rankings, several fighters are calling O’Malley.

The majority of them are opponents who feel like they can expose the holes in O’Malley’s game. But Sean doesn’t shy away from fighting people who want to take him to the ground. Considered as the “next big thing”, fans are seeing a bit of a parallel between him and Conor McGregor. O’Malley is comfortable fighting in the UFC for the next ten years. Therefore, you have a plan ready.

He suffers from an internal dispute when it comes to fighting wrestlers. His confidence makes him believe that he can beat anyone. But when you think rationally, you know that wrestlers can give you a hard time.

“Many wrestlers call me. I feel like I want to fight these children of pt *. Boys who literally want to grab my leg and hold me and not fight. Like Merab, that boy who just fought last weekend. Boys who they are afraid to fight but they love to grab. They are risky fights for me ”

“I feel that I’m really good at Jiu-JitsuBut it’s a risky fight against someone who will literally knock him down and keep him there. It’s not what fans want to see. But when I become the champion, I want to wipe out all those pt * kids. But to become champion I want to take smarter fights. “

O’Malley is very careful in choosing his fights. When your career ends, you want to look back and feel like you did it the right way. To get to the top, he wants to take the smart path. However, when he reaches the summit, he will be willing to accept fights from everyone.