He CenturyLink Field, the stadium of the Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders, It will be used to build a temporary military stadium to serve patients with different diseases, after the city’s hospitals have become saturated by patients with coronavirus.

The hospital, city authorities reported, will be exclusively for military use. Faced with the coronavirus epidemic in the state and in the city, the medical centers have been full of infected patients, so this hospital will be exclusively to treat patients with other diseases, with the aim of having them separately and avoiding more infections.

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About 300 soldiers of the Fort Carson Hospital, Coloradowill travel to Seattle to care for more than 150 patients with different diseases in the facilities of the CenturyLink Field.

“We know that this Army field hospital will be an alternative and will reduce the burden on hospitals here. The military is here to help, not to take over. They are here because they know that Seattle you need it ”, he announced Jenny Durkan, mayor of the city.