By Rodolfo León
05/21/2020 5:57 pm

At the beginning of last month, Microsoft and Rare announced the arrival of Sea of ​​thieves to SteamHowever, they left us with no specific release date, until today. Through an incredible trailer, both companies have confirmed that as of June 3, users of Steam they will be able to add this title to their library.

Through Twitter, the official account of the game shared the news accompanied by this great advance:

“Whether with a warm salute from your hook or a cannon barrage, prepare to welcome new crew and new legends – Sea of ​​Thieves hits Steam on June 3!”

For now, Sea of ​​thieves Is available in Xbox One and Microsoft Store as part of Xbox Game Pass. This game is already one of the most popular on the platform, with more than 10 million unique registered users, a figure that will surely increase with its arrival in Steam. Once the title is available on this platform, it will do so with all the updates that have been released to date, in addition to also having a tutorial for new players that will explain the basic concepts of its game mechanics, as well as exploration, combat and collaboration with other users.

Sea of ​​thieves reaches Steam next June 3, 2020.

Source: Sea of ​​thieves

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