Sabotage Studio is the studio behind The Messenger, one of the indies that has caught the most attention among the general public, but now this team has already announced what their next project will be: Sea of ​​stars. The Kickstarter campaign of this RPG set in the universe of the ninja game is being a success, and although it was not necessary to be fully financed on this platform for it to go on sale, the truth is that this goal has already been achieved and several additional objectives have even been achieved, in addition to the first in the new “Single Player +” mode and an additional dungeon. Stay tuned to the following lines to know what objectives have been achieved this time!

Sea of ​​Stars confirms several additional elements thanks to the objectives of its Kickstarter campaign

Thanks to the Kickstarter goals you have achieved Sea of ​​stars, finally it has been confirmed that it will have 2D cinematics, as we told you a few weeks ago. However, this will not be the only additional element that has been achieved, since, in addition, a new mode will be added New game+ (totally different from the already confirmed “one player +”) and a alternative ending that players can enjoy. It has even been confirmed that a documentary film In which we can see how the process of creating this title is and all its ins and outs.

Likewise, it has also been confirmed that Sabotage is working with Limited Run Games to create an exclusive physical edition for the first patrons who want it, and will have an alternative cover designed by Byce Kho. Totally necessary for all those who are lovers until the death of the physical format!

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And you, are you following the Sea of ​​Stars campaign because it is a product derived from The Messenger or because, although you do not know the previous game, you are already in love with each and every one of the different aspects that will make it a great game?

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