Screen size: which one is your favorite?

There was a time when the screen size of phones was not a big deal. Well it didn’t really matter and, in fact, the first mobile phones, and for many years, had no screen. And yet they still seemed incredibly modern to us, especially to those of us who could see them when we still had rotary phones at home. Yes, those in which you had to put your finger in the hole corresponding to each number and turn the disk to the stop. Surely, to the youngest, this sounds like prehistory.

At the beginning and middle of the first decade of this century, when we had already abandoned the “mazacotes”, phones were starting to gain in functions and screen size was starting to matter (playing Nokia’s Snake on a very small screen would have been torture), suddenly a curious trend arrived: making phones smaller and smaller. Anyone who has seen Zoolander (the original, of course, not its sorry sequel) will remember Dereck’s phone, so small it was difficult to manipulate. I have always thought that it is the perfect example of what happened during some years.

But suddenly, at the end of that decade everything changed. It is true that Blackberry already existed, but it was with the arrival of the iPhone in the first place, and of Android and the rest of smartphones later, that screen size regained a role that it had lost in the “Lilliputian phase.” The disappearance of the keyboard and the proliferation of apps, led us to want large, huge screens, in which we can do more and more things. So, we went back to the big phones, but with a difference, the screen size. Do you want an example? In the photo you can see my first mobile and the one that, until a little less than a year ago, was the penultimate.

Screen size on Motorola 6200 and iPhone 6 Plus

Yes, we had definitely returned to large phones, but of course, compare the screen size of the Motorola 6200 (yes, we used to go out with that at the time) with that of the iPhone 6 Plus. Not much to comment on, right?

The GSMArena website has published an interesting survey among its readers, in which it asks them for the screen size your next smartphone will have, and after a quick look at it we can see that, once again, size matters. And it is that compared to 37.32% of users who bet on a screen size equal to or less than 5.8 inches, 39.40% stay between 5.9 and 6.5 inches, 19.06 % aim above 6.6 inches, and 4.22% speak of folding screens as large as possible.

Although the concept of “large” is relative, since it corresponds to the personal perception of each one, evolutionarily speaking we see that the screen size of telephones has grown substantially over the years. Remember how big the screen of the first iPhone looked at the time? Well it was 3.5 inches. Imagine using that screen today if you are used to current phones.

Obviously the bet on large screens is not the only one on the board, and an example of this is the iPhone 12 Mini, there is demand for different screen size options. Now, I go back to what I said before, is your screen small or large? Remember that it is 5.4 inches. Large compared to the first iPhone, small compared to the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max. And better not include the screen of the Motorola 6200 in the equation.

In my case, and although I admit that the 6.7 inches of the iPhone 12 Pro Max tempt me a lot, I admit that I feel very comfortable with the 6.06 inches of the iPhone 11. I will not say that it is my preferred screen size because I am not totally convinced of it, but it does, for me, have the balance between allowing me to do everything I usually do, without being a too big phone, something that at some point I did. I came to think of the iPhone 6S Plus.

What is your case or, rather, your taste? What screen size do you prefer? Are you as big a screen as possible, or do you prefer a phone that will fit in any pocket without its top sticking out? And something that interests me a lot, because of what I said earlier, What screen size would you rate as large? 5.5, 6, 6.5 inches? How big is your current screen and that of your next smartphone?