Scottish Election Candidate Says Gay Marriage Caused Coronavirus

Elections for the Scottish Parliament are held on May 6 and the candidates are already starting their pre-campaign. One of them, Peter Tait, independent for the Shetland Islands, has made headlines for some statements in which he relates the coronavirus pandemic … with gay marriages.

Speaking to The Shetland Times, Tait said that if he gets a seat in the Edinburgh Parliament he will oppose gay marriage, with which, he said “Covid is possibly related.”

Asked if he was aware that his words about gay marriage were going to cause a stir, Peter Tait replied that he assumed it: “I guess there probably will be.”

Tait considers himself to be in politics to represent his religious beliefs. “I am representing as best I can the things that God wants me to represent “he told the Shetland Times.

Tait participated in the island’s by-elections in 2019 and among his promises to voters highlighted his intention to restore the monarchy in Scotland. However, he received only 31 votes.

“I just wanted to defend my arguments well, regardless of the votes“, then said Peter Tait, who despite his failure has decided to run again in this year’s elections.