All that goes up comes down and the glory is not eternal. This is the only way to summarize everything that happened in the life of Scottie Pippen, one of the most important basketball players in NBA history. Always undervalued, in the shadow of Michael Jordan and with a continuous rumor of controversy around him during the years in Chicago Bulls, the great star was about to end crashed. He was the victim of financial fraud, denounced for assaulting a journalist, he had to resort to playing matches in Sweden and Finland to urgently get money, and finally he found his place around basketball. This was the life of Scottie Pippen after getting the sixth ring with the Chicago Bulls.

As seen in The Last Dance, the Illinois franchise was completely disarmed. As Michael Jordan retired, others sought an accommodation in the league. It was the case of Pippen, punished by injuries, which ended in some Houston rockets hopeful with what I could bring them. However, his performance was far from expected, there were friction with colleagues such as Barkley and Olajuwon, already very veteran, and coaching staff. They finished fifth in the lockout season and fell to the first change in the playoffs.

Scottie asked for the transfer as he was not comfortable in a totally different environment from the one he had previously experienced. At 34, he sought accommodation in some Portland Trail Blazers where he had a moment of basketball clarity and personal happiness. Sabonis, Wallace or Schrempf were solid arguments to think of something big, but they succumbed to the Lakers in three consecutive playoffs, and then to Dallas. Pippen’s scoring averages continued to drop, and he found himself facing Jordan when he returned to the NBA from Washington Wizards.

At the age of 38 and already severely punished with an eternally swollen knee, he returned home, Chicago Bulls, to say goodbye with the dispute of 23 games and a role of mentor of young people during 2003-2004. He was offered a position as a management advisor, but Scottie lived through turbulent years marked by financial fraud that left him bankrupt and for which his advisor, Robert Lunn, ended up being sentenced to three months in prison and large compensation.

Pippen had serious problems surviving with the rhythm of life intended by a league star like him, and he looked for options as outlandish as touring games in Sweden and Finland. At 42 years old and after 4 years since his retirement from the NBA, Scottie was allowed to play two games in Finland, with the Torpan Pojat, and then one with the leader of the Swedish league, the Sundsvall Dragons. He averaged good numbers, had fun, joked around the world and tried to put on a show to justify the $ 166,000 received for just a week there, as indicated by NBAManiacs.

All this occurred thanks to the megalomaniac desire of Aleksi Valavuori, a basketball-loving Finnish manager and friend of Rodman, while in Sweden the architect was Mike Wilhelm, who was an assistant in the Bulls and had begun his career in the Swedish team. After that, Scottie began to focus on his family, assuming that the time for playing had passed and that he should direct his day-to-day to something productive. In addition to being a management adviser to the Bulls, he was hired to comment on games on national television in the United States.

His last great controversy dates from 2013, when he attacked a paparazzi who photographed him while dining in Los Angeles. Father of four children with his second wife, Larsa Younan, he also had two twins with Yvette De Leon, one of whom died nine days after birth, and the other with model Sonya Roby. One of his sons, Scottie Pippen Jr, he already stops at the NCAA where he tries to make his way in professional basketball, although his best-looking family is his nephew Kavion Pippen, signed by the Warriors for his G-League team earlier this season. It remains to be seen if the legacy of Scottie Pippen in the NBA it has continuity.