It seems that Scottie Pippen, the great lieutenant of Michael Jordan During his six Chicago Bulls rings in the 1990s, he is not at all satisfied with the treatment he is receiving in the ESPN documentary The Last Dance.

The truth is that Pippen is presented first recovering from an injury after recovering late, later it is said that he was underpaid and that made him not happy, he is seen insulting Jerry Krause on several occasions and in the last episode he He sees him sitting on the bench without going back out on the field because Phil Jackson decides to have the decisive shot played by Kukoc instead of him when Jordan was not on the team.

In short, Pippen’s negative moments in the Bulls stand out and there are hardly any positive moments, and that was the key man along with Michael Jordan in the six titles of the Illinois franchise.

Thus, in an interview that he has granted after watching the documentary, Pippen claims to feel “hurt and disappointed” about how a documentary that focuses on the figure of Michael Jordan leaves him and that seems to pass a little of him in terms of what he positive aspects are concerned.

His partner in the last three rings Dennis Rodman understands Pippen: “I wish the same thing happened to me, that I don’t give a damn what they say about me. Scottie was very undervalued and underpaid. His head should be the same lives up to Michael Joradn’s this documentary. He was a hero, in many ways, in the Bulls’ wins. ”