Almost two weeks after the end of the broadcast of the documentary about the Chicago Bulls of the 1990s in the NBA, ‘The Last Dance’ continues to be the main topic of conversation and debate among the different figures in the world of North American basketball. Since the release of the first two episodes, comparisons of Michael Jordan With other players about who is the best in NBA history they have not stopped happening.

It has recently been Scottie Pippen, precisely one of the protagonists of the documentary and Jordan’s former partner in the Bulls, who has compared the legend of the Illinois franchise with Kobe Bryant, who died in the tragic helicopter accident more than four months ago. For Pippen, not enough credit has been given to Kobe’s career:

“Kobe worked hard to be like Jordan, to look like him as much as possible. He believed that he should try his best, and so he did. One of the things I did the most to my face is not having told him how good he really was He fought harder than anyone and managed to take his playing to the extreme. “

“Many times I decide to put videos of him, of his games, his way of playing … After seeing those videos I think about whether Kobe really was the best player of all time. I would see him and say: ‘Wow, it was better Michael Jordan ‘. He also didn’t go through college, he made the final leap into the NBA straight from high school. “