Scott Disick enjoys Malibu with his new girlfriend Amelia Hamelin

Scott Disick was married to Kourtney Kardashian, now he is surprised to be seen with his new girlfriend 18 years younger.

Model and celebrity Scott Disick, who was married to Kourtney Kardashian from 2006 to 2015, enjoys making public appearances and spreading the word.

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It seems that on top of the rumors about a possible reconciliation between them, Disick has other plans for his love life.

Now he is the subject of conversation again for starting a relationship with Amelia Hamlin.

The daughter of actors Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin appeared in Disick’s life in an unexpected way.

Their relationship was confirmed when they took a walk on the beaches of Malibu, as they constantly hugged and maintained closeness.

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Amelia wore a French-cut bikini with a flowery print in shades of pink and purple.

In turn, Scott preferred a fresh and relaxed look in dark tones, Both wore glasses.

At the end of October, Scott took his ex-wife for a bike ride and the photo of the moment ended up on her Instagram.

All this fueled rumors of a possible reconciliation, which have now been left behind after seeing him with Amelia Hamelin.

Although Kourtney and Scott are still pretty close and share custody of their three children, he seems to be very clear about not going back to Kourt, as his sisters tell him.

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This conquest draws attention even more than other times, due to the scandalous age difference that exceeds the years that Sophia Richie took.

Meanwhile, he, 37 and she, 19, seem to ignore everything that is said behind their backs to enjoy their dates together.

The couple not only go out to steal glances at the beach, it is increasingly common to see them in exclusive restaurants where they never hide and even combine their clothes.

Fortunately, for Scott’s ex-partner, Sophia Richie, this news will not weigh him down, as she already has a new love affair.