Scott Burrell he hardly played a season in the Chicago Bulls Of the eight he played as a professional, but this situation was more than enough to be part of a legendary team in the franchise and have his time in “The Last Dance”, the documentary that is on everyone’s lips and in which his main protagonist, Michael Jordan, does not leave the best memories of Burrell.

In a recording of the time, during an airplane trip, an old dialogue between Jordan, the cameraman and the young Burrell is recovered, in which Jordan literally begins calling him “Dennis Rodman Junior” because “he never sleeps.” When the forward asks Jordan not to say that, MJ seems to have fun and begins to accuse him of things. First he tells her that he lived going out at night, then that he lied to women and, finally, when Burrell tells Jordan not to continue because his parents were going to watch the video, Air tells them verbatim: “Mom, dad, he he’s an alcoholic. “

It seems that the video had some consequences for Burrell, who according to his words had “to notify my parents about that part” since it could be somewhat shocking to them. In addition, the former Hornets and Nets stated that “he was with my wife looking at him and thinking ‘What is she going to say ?, What will his parents say?’, But he remarked that” that happened more than 20 years ago and it was a different way of life, besides that it was not as bad as I said “

His wife came out to support him on Twitter and even dared to joke about the nickname “baby Rodman” that Jordan gave his husband more than two decades ago, making it clear that the past has nothing to do with the present.