Some of the highlights of the documentary The Last Dance were those in which the difficult relationship between Scott Burell and Michael Jordan. 23 of Chicago Bulls he fattened with his young partner, a newcomer to a team where he was alone in the 1997/98 season and where he learned as much as he suffered. And it is that Michael’s demand reached unsuspected limits with a player he came to harass in some training sessions. In a complete interview with Hoopshype, the forward reflects on Jordan’s character and everything he experienced that season.

05/11/2020 11:05

The power forward returned to star in “The Last Dance” after showing how Jordan harassed him, but played down.

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– Michael Jordan requirement. “It was a year of continuous learning with complicated methods. I don’t think I wanted to humiliate or embarrass myself, I was receiving the tutelage of the best player in history, so I took it as a challenge. I came to a team that had five rings and wanted to give the best of myself, “he declared. “Michael prepared me for both basketball and life. He wanted to make sure we would all give 100% to win the championship. He never physically surpassed me. He is a great guy off the court and has opened up in this documentary.” he assured.

– Feeling intimidated in the team. “I was very excited to get to the Bulls, although I was also very nervous. I was aware that I was a good player, but I would not have a leading role. It was an honor to be part of that team. The truth is that in training I was afraid to do something that disliked Michael or inadvertently hurt him. I knew something like this would ruin everything, but Michael was telling me to play hard, not caring about anything else. I don’t think anyone can get an idea of ​​his ability to work and sacrifice, “he said.

– Opinion on Rodman, Pippen and Jackson. “Scottie was underpaid and understood some of his claims, wish he had received what he deserved from the start. As for Dennis, he was an amazing teammate, I learned a lot from him and he put everything in every workout. He was able to master the game without scoring, I never met a competitor of his level, “he said before talking about the coach. “He was an incredible motivator and team manager. He knew how to talk to each of us to get the best out of him. We played for him and for him,” he said.