Scientists re-captured two rapid radio bursts and the origin remains the same

Since they tracked one of the Fast Radio Bursts (FRB) from a magnetar in April this year, they have picked up two more.

Every day the mystery of the fast radio bursts seems to be much clearer. In April they detected one, the closest, in a magnetar to some 30,000 light years away. Knowing their origin, they now confirmed that they detected two more. Consequently, from the same destination: a neutron star.

The first flash of energy captured in April 2020 was an impressive advance for astronomy. First, the signal of one of the famous fast radio bursts was captured. Its origin was also known. And it was also known that it is much closer than those tuned in previous years.

The « repetitive » fast radio bursts

So after learning that they were emitted from a magnetar some 30,000 light-years away, scientists didn’t take their eyes off them. The available international observatories were programmed for the different magnetars in the hope of capturing others.

The wait and patience did not have to be forced too much. Two shorts that lasted barely a millisecond have already been captured. In addition, both had a difference of 1.4 seconds. But the work does not end here. Daily Mail review that now opens another field of research.

And it is that the force with which these two new fast radio bursts were captured was not the same as the previous ones. So this suggests that there may be several processes capable of generating them. In other words, their origin is already known, now it is necessary to investigate what generates them.