Scientists highlight a very important change in the Earth during the confinement by the coronavirus

Confinement, in addition to reducing the number of coronavirus infections, has served a fundamental issue.

Do you hear that? It is the silence. According to a group of scientists organized by the Royal Observatory of Belgium, a major change generated by confinement is the reduction of noise.

Earth has reached new degrees of silence that have not been felt in decades.

Seismologists from 33 countries measured a drop of up to 50% in so-called environmental noise, he says .. This noise is generated by human beings in their vehicle transfers, in addition to factories in full operation.

World governments used the confinement of their populations to avoid further contagion of the coronavirus. So far, the disease has left 2.44 million deaths: according to estimates, without the confinement it could have been much more.

This is how measurements were made during confinement

According to ., the team of seismologists measured lower noise levels in 185 of the 268 seismic stations analyzed around the world.

A seismic station bill with a sensor to detect ground vibrations. It also has an acquisition system to store the data generated by vibrations, no matter how small.

Thanks to these, it was also found that urban environmental noise fell by up to 50% during the most severe weeks of confinement.

« The weeks during the lockdown were the calmest period we have on record, » said John Clinton, a seismologist quoted by .. « With the noise always increasing, it was very likely that it was the quietest period for a long time. »

There is talk of a « wave of silence » that began in China, continued through the rest of Asia to Europe and then America.

Meanwhile, the Earth continues to rest.