The University of Granada brand new your pscientific outreach program, «Science at home», an initiative launched by the Office of Communication Management (OGC) on the occasion of the health emergency by Covid19.

Over the next few days, and through informative videos, the researchers from the University of Granada will explain what are they working from home, addressing current issues, in some cases, or scientific concepts translated into simple language, in others.

«The« Science at home »program reflects the spirit of another previous initiative of the OGC,« A science near », which was launched in 2016 and in which more than a hundred researchers participated, belonging to practically all the faculties, university schools and research centers of the UGR », says the director of the Office of Communication Management, José Ángel Ibañez.

This program was a complete success, since its videos have hundreds of thousands of visits on the UGR’s Youtube channel.

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