Don’t make a bad mouth. If you are one of those who limits eating two or three hot dogs to avoid breaking the rules of etiquette, rest assured, on your next appointment you can eat like an anaconda, as a recent study by the physiologist and physiotherapist James Smoliga, from the University of North Carolina, revealed that the human being is cApaz to devour up to 84 hot dogs in 10 minutes, without dying in the attempt.

No, it is not an exaggeration, Smoliga created a statistical model based on consumption figures from the last 40 years, the stomach plasticity of the human being, as well as in active consumption ratio, to discover the maximum amount of intake of hot dogs in a limited period of time, without this implying a serious risk to health. The delicious result, just over eight dozen u hot dogsn approximate weight of 200 grams.

According to science, this is the amount of hot dogs you can eat in 10 minutes.


Of course, the physical therapist was quick to point out that eating hot dogs as if there was no tomorrow is not exactly a healthy activity. The stomach may suffer a severe bloating pTo accommodate an especially abundant feast, in addition to not taking into account other factors such as heart disease, cholesterol or worse, constipation.

84 hot dogs with everything

According to science, this is the amount of hot dogs you can eat in 10 minutes.According to science, this is the number of hot dogs you can eat in 10 minutes.


As illogical as it may seem, eating 84 hot dogs in 10 minutes may be fine, however increasing the amount, altering the weight, or even adding more seasonings than usual can have devastating effects, it is likely the stomach just explodes or in the worst case, it may be the last time you see your companion, although Smoliga’s study proves that the human organism is ssurprisingly elastic and able to adapt to extreme situations.

Even so, to date there is no one capable of eating so many hot dogs in such a short time. The study published in the rigorous scientific journal ‘Biology Alert’ and retrieved by Forbes, takes up the record held by Joey Chesnut, who was able to eat 75 hot dogs from one sitting. His brand was registered in the Hall of Fame of the contest to eat more hot dogs in the United States.

Now that if you have 84 hot dogs for yourself, do not be a gacho, share with all the sopicuates, such as the story of the grandfather who was able to sell all his hot dogs, thanks to the support of social networks. Check the story in this link.