Sci-fi blockbuster ‘The Tomorrow War’ starring Chris Pratt to premiere on Amazon Prime Video in July

There will be a great war against a mighty enemy, and at stake is the future of all humanity. Also travel in time. It is what it will offer us The Tomorrow War, a blockbuster directed by Chris McKay, from Batman: The LEGO Movie and in his first live action feature film, with a cast led by a Chris Pratt who, between Jurassic worlds and Guardians of the Galaxy, does not want to give his characters a break, always in action.

The idea was to release it in theaters this summer, on July 22, but the current panorama caused by the pandemic still does not ensure that it can reach the rooms with a massive premiere. For this reason, Paramount Pictures was negotiating since last January to sell the distribution rights to one of the streaming platforms. The best located, and the one that has finally taken over the rights, has been Amazon Studios for an exorbitant amount, no less than 200 million dollars according to media such as Variety. The plan now is premiering July 2 on Prime Video and it would reach 240 countries, including Spain.

‘The Tomorrow War’Paramount-Amazon Prime Video

And what is it about? The official synopsis tells that in The Tomorrow War, the world is paralyzed before the arrival of a group of time travelers coming from the year 2051. His mission, to recruit a group of soldiers and citizens to fight a deadly alien species. The only hope is to find the right people to end the threat. Among the chosen will be a high school teacher and father of a family (Chris Pratt), determined to save the world for his daughter; a brilliant scientist (Yvonne Strahovski) and his estranged father (JK Simmons), all reunited in a desperate attempt to rewrite the fate of the planet.

We don’t have a trailer yet. We can only settle for a few images and the video on the illustrations of concept art that Chris Pratt himself posted on his Instagram account more than a year ago (in December 2019).

The negotiations between Paramount and Amazon Studios They have recently come to fruition in other juicy agreements such as the acquisition, by Amazon, of El rey de Zamunda (available since March 5 on Prime Video) for an amount that would be around 150 million dollars; and the thriller No Regrets, based on the novel by Tom clancy and starring Michael B. Jordan, with the forecast of being released on the platform next April 30.