Schwartzman: “Nadal always finds a way to win”

How hard is it to win Rafael Nadal on Roland Garros. Today, Diego schwartzman He put all the desire in the world on him and at certain moments, he played the Spanish one-on-one and was not far from putting him in serious complications, but the Spaniard ended up finding his way and achieved victory. The Argentine went through a press conference and regretted that, once again, the duel against Rafa was even, but ended up falling back on Nadal’s side.

Party sensations

There were moments in the game where he started making mistakes from the bottom. I was serving well. It was weird for me to be winning games with my serve comfortably against him here. It cost him almost every game. In the end, on the side of the advantage, he put in a lot of very good serves that I could hardly return or he was good to hit. I think that was the key. The third. It ended up deciding on details. The game that breaks me is decided by very fine details. I did a couple of winners, he too, I ended up losing a point with a balloon that went out. At the bottom it was very windy and we almost always broke on that side. I knew it was going to be difficult to break him on the other side.

In the fourth set, he went to the bathroom and that stand up cost me. The first two games I lost and then it was a whirlwind. He didn’t let me play almost any points. It’s reality. Yes, I may be moving slower, but he made me like 10 winners with incredible precision.

How does it feel to have a Nadal in front of you who makes you the last 9 games the way he did?

In the end I could not do much because, in each ball that was not very good of mine, he was winner after winner and I lowered the intensity. I couldn’t get out of that situation. When I tried it, it went wrong. It was a shame to finish like this, it hurt a bit after the first three sets I did. Hopefully one day he can be on the other side of the picture (laughs). In brick dust I become stronger and I know that there are not many who want to play against me. The reality is that almost every time I reach the second week in a Slam I lose to Rafa, even at the US Open. Hopefully I can avoid the top 3 in the next few. So I can have a better chance of going further.

Planning after leaving the Top 10

It is a challenge for everyone. Time is passing and there are new players who come out and do very well. It’s not a surprise. If you look at the Rae, there are a lot of them up there. I’m going to 11, yes, Bautista passed me and made merit for it. But now it will be a fight these months between the two, because now he defends a lot in grass and I less. If he doesn’t have a good Wimbledon, I’ll pass him. It will be an intense round trip. I played well again. I felt in good condition and that gives me confidence for the next tournaments that follow. After several bad weeks, my game came back and that’s important. You have to continue on the same path. The more I can play at this level here, the more I will earn. I am confident that he will hit a good streak.

If you get a little closer to Rafa on land

It’s difficult, because many times, of the 12 times we played, 6-7 were very even games, but he always ends up winning. To be close or not, in the end it is a defeat. For me, it is better to play well and do well against Nadal, but he always finds a way to escape and win the games. That hurts. You watch the games and see that I can’t do it and it’s painful. You have to analyze who is in front, it is unbeatable here. The numbers say it. We’ll see if the next one I can win.

If 10 days ago I imagined reaching this round and ending up playing like this

10 days ago I did not imagine it. Deep down, you hope to play well, because you know it’s there and you never know. 10 days ago, I needed to win the first match, against Lu, but I couldn’t imagine reaching QF without losing sets. I did it last year too. It is something spectacular. I needed a tournament like that, to feel good on the court again. Repeat matches in a tournament. It will serve me for what follows in the future. In the Race, I went up. It’s a positive week and a half. What follows, hopefully it is the same way.

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