Schwartzman could not with a Fiera Nadal

For something Rafael Nadal (3rd in the world) won 104 games in Roland Garros and he lost only two (a third did not show up); for something he won 13 titles in 16 editions that he played. And for something he keeps winning, even before a very good version of Diego schwartzman (10th), which came to squeeze the Matador and even cut his streak of 36 straight sets won since 2019. But it was not enough and the Spanish won the quarterfinal duel 6-3, 4-6, 6-4 and 6-0 in 2h45. In semi he will play against Novak Djokovic (1st) or Matteo berrettini (9th), who face the last shift this Wednesday.

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Nadal, a beast (AFP).

Nadal, a beast (.).

The good news from the start was that Peque played the Matador as equals despite the 1-10 record that preceded the duel, including the 2018 quarters and the 2020 semi in Paris. The bad news, that the Spanish took the first set, 6-3. Until 2-2 each one kept their serve but it cost Schwartzman more, in fact he had to raise a 15-40 with a beautiful balloon included. Already in “Roland Garros mode”, Rafa, champion 13 times here, He threw all the pressure on the Argentine and broke him 4-2 with a fierce game of four winners. On the way back, the porteño returned it to 3-4, but Rafa connected again to overwhelm his rival until 6-3. He had taken one more chance (2-7 in break points against 1-2 from Peque) and he had also played more aggressive, going six times to the net (he got four points) while Schwartzman always stayed in the background.

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The stadium, with people.

The stadium, with people.

Definitely the lack of initiative had been the must of the Peque, for which he put more pepper to his tennis in the second set, getting six points at the net and up to 10-6 in winners. Regardless of a stay from Nadal, the Boca fan put the Real Madrid on the ropes to go ahead 3-0 with a break and 13-4 in number of points won. The problem is that few can rattle Nadal in this tournament, so he quickly found the lines and consistency again. The 3-3 was the consequence, and so on until the end of the chapter, each one keeping their serve, because after Rafa’s return, Schwartzman again showed his chest, especially with the “Diego, Diego” who came down from the stands. Until the 4-5 and 30-40 came with Nadal’s serve, a point that the Spanish played like an amateur throwing a very long drop when he had Peque scattered in the background. Of course, the Argentine, who runs them all, arrived, and then the Manacorí tried a balloon, also very long, to make it 6-4. Thus, Rafa had a streak of 36 sets won in a row in Rolanga; it was six of the record of the Swede Bjorn Borg.

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E the third ,. both adjusted their serves and did not allow break points. Nadal didn’t need second serves in his first three games and Schwartzman only three. From that strength, with serves of an average 170 km / h for Peque and 179 km / h for Rafa, they were winning their games. But … after another furious game by Rafa (as in the first set), won at zero in just 2m33 and well plugged, the clean and jerk served him for the subsequent 15-40 -first break points of the set- attacking with his right inverted even when standing two meters behind the baseline. At the end, with two balloons included on each side, the Spanish broke after a rally of 14 strokes at the point. The next game, also on the hill, he closed the set.

The disappointment of Peque (AFP).

The disappointment of Peque (.).

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Schwartzman felt that he had missed getting on the train that Rafa was now driving at will. While Peque lowered his performance, Nadal’s went up so as not to leave space where his Argentine friend could get. On the court, it is known, Nadal is a Fiera who, when he smells blood, attacks voraciously. Seeing that the porteño had felt the blow, the Spanish went to look for the knockout and went ahead 4-0 losing only two points. And while Schwartzman struggled in his next service game, he couldn’t sustain it. The 6-0 was inevitable.


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