Schumacher’s mother tipped off Haas about Mick’s seat problems

Schumacher revealed before Styrian Grand Prix that this season he has struggled with his seat during his debut season in Formula 1.

The situation arose after Schumacher was filmed in conversation with Sebastian Vettel as they inspected his seat at Haas after the French Grand Prix.

The problem isn’t serious enough to affect his driving, and it’s something Michael Schumacher’s son has already grappled with in the developmental categories.

However, Steiner says he was unaware there was a problem with the seat until the issue came up in a conversation with Corinna Schumacher in Paul Ricard.

Speaking of the matter, Steiner said: “Actually, the first time I found out that something was in the seat was because his mother told me in France.”

“I told him: ‘I am not aware of it’, but I think it is something that has worsened, because I would say that he wants to make a new seat. But he himself has said that there is no urgency.”

Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin and Mick Schumacher, Haas F1at the press conference.

Photo by: FIA Pool

Steiner said the team would have no difficulty in making a new seat for the German pilot and thereby curing the problem by ensuring that the cockpit position is correct.

“I think it’s not completely straight, which means maybe there is some pressure or something like that,” he said. “But your body is not sitting at 45 degrees, or it is not completely bent, or the car is not straight.”

“So it’s a trade-off because Sebastian looked in the car and then he made a great story about it, which is fine with me.”

“But I wasn’t aware of the problem until her mother told me about it, so it can’t be that bad. We will make you a seat as soon as you want it, and when you think we are in the right position to do so. “

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Schumacher revealed that Vettel had also talked to his mother about the position of the seat, and she blatantly advised her to break it down so she could get a new one.

Vettel said: “It would have been difficult to get a new one in a week, so the advice I give is not always followed!”

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