Schiaparelli challenges the idea of ​​Haute Couture with its 2021 collection

Schiaparelli’s muses no longer want to be princesses, with flowing, languid and delicate dresses. That idea of ​​fragility evocative of the 1950s has been completely dismantled with the Haute Couture 2021 collection of the firm, which turns their women into muscular, strong and very bodily characters where every cliché about genres and canons of beauty is totally challenged.

This alternative Haute Couture collection explore anatomical beauty and break away from the usual silhouettes of the Haute Couture shows. And the result could not be more modern and different, with fake abs that we had already seen Kim Kardashian wear, volumes in the arms, fingers and gold breasts, XL jewelry and earrings so statement that they even become full dresses.

Schiaparelli has not only taken his feet out of the pot in terms of their silhouettes. Also the mix of textures with silk, leather and taffeta, combining in a very groundbreaking way with velvet, neoprene and even knitwear. An ode to the heritage of the maison, one of the first to bet on synthetic fabrics and experimenting with new forms that have now been taken to the most unreal and fanciful extreme.

Special mention should be made of the accessories, on which much of this transgressive Schiaparelli lookbook falls. Respecting the codes of trends and adding the excess as we have seen in the rough-soled boots with gold fingers, in the iconic padlock bags of the firm or in the kilometer-long Rosalía nails, which are entangled with impossible lengths. The result is magical, using this adjective in a totally renewed way when talking about Haute Couture.

Photos | Schiaparelli.