Schedule and where to watch the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul on TV today

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul they face off in an eye-catching boxing match, amid the many fights that have been taking place in recent weeks. This will be different, since it does not face two professional athletes, but in it Mayweather, one of the greats of boxing, will face the youtuber Logan paul.

Mayweather announced his retirement in 2015, in a year in which in his last fight the American was measured Andre Berto. He took the victory to retain the titles that were at stake, in which it was his goodbye at a professional level. However, since then the rumors about his possible return to the ring have been constant. In fact, it has borne fruit with eye-catching fights that have aroused great anticipation.

In the memory remains what was the last appearance of Mayweather in the ring on August 26, 2017. On that date, Mayweather it was measured at Connor mcgregor in Las Vegas. In it, he defeated the Irishman by KO in the 10th round, to return to leave boxing with an undefeated record of 50-0. However, four years after one of the most anticipated duels in recent times, he returns to the ring to face Logan Paul. On the way to Mayweather there is hardly any playful duel that he has played in the course of these years.

More professional character has adapted for his duel against Paul. This is an American youtuber and humorous actor who is now getting in the way of Mayweather. Logan paul It thus gives continuity to the career that he began as an amateur in boxing and in which he lived the peak in 2018, after starting the road to combat against also youtuber KSI. This fight was played in August 2018 and ended in a draw, so both were measured again in November 2019, when KSI took the victory.

The step is now significant for Logan paul, since he is going to face one of the greats of boxing. The popularity of PauHe, coupled with the aura of invincibility that has accompanied Mayweather Throughout their careers, they have caused the combat, despite not being of a professional level, aroused great expectations. Many fans are eager to see this new return of Mayweather.

The combat is disputed Hard Rock Stadium in Miami (Florida), one of the world’s great venues for boxing. A) Yes, Mayweather and Paul They will be protagonists to give even more visibility to a boxing sport in which the fights carried out by several of its main stars continue to take place in recent months.

Mayweather vs. Logan Paul match schedule

The combat at dawn today Sunday 6th to Monday 7th June, at 2.00 hours (8:00 p.m. Miami local time)

Where to see the Mayweather – Logan Paul?

The combat can be followed in Spain through Mitele Plus. For this, it will be necessary to previously register on the platform and also subscribe to the channel Fight Sports.

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