Scenarios and possible rivals of the Colombian National Team in the quarterfinals

The participation of the Colombia selection in the quarterfinals of the America Cup 2021 and they only achieved four points in four dates. Due to the benefits of the new format, they ensured their place in the next phase without knowing their final location.

This Sunday they will not see action, they will rest and wait for the last four results that remain to be known in both groups. Both the coaching staff and the players will be very aware of the final day, after having beaten Ecuador, tied against Venezuela and lost against Peru and Brazil.

The first four of the two groups of five teams will qualify. At this moment Colombia is second and would face Chile in the quarterfinals, although it is mathematically impossible for them to finish in that box.

Peru and Venezuela meet on the last date. If the Incas win they will be left with seven points, if Venezuela triumphs they end up with five units. If it is a tie, the Peruvians will finish with five and will surpass the four coffee points. That is, whatever happens they will be third and there is the possibility of being fourth if Ecuador manages to beat Brazil.

Group B overview

Right now Argentina is the leader with seven, Paraguay is second with six, Chile follows with five and Uruguay closes with four. La Albiceleste will close against Bolivia and with a victory they secure first place.

Paraguay and Uruguay will also face off. If the Guarani win, they will be second as long as Argentina wins. If the Uruguayans are the winners, they will go up to second place and if they tie Paraguay secures the second box and Uruguay will finish third.

Highest probability: Colombia would be third in their group. While Group B is outlined with Argentina leading, Paraguay second, Chile third and Uruguay fourth. If this ends, Colombia would play against Paraguay in the quarterfinals next Friday or Saturday.

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