Scary: I was spying on a Hispanic girl through her window and it turned out to be a dangerous ex-con

Santos Pantoja was caught spying.

Photo: Polk County / Courtesy

A dangerous convict was arrested in Florida after being caught snooping through a crack inside a teenage girl’s room.

Santos Pantoja he was charged with theft, possession of robbery tools, voyeurism and harassment, authorities reported, after arresting the suspect whose misdeeds were recorded in a security camera.

The 39-year-old man was in prison for murder and robbery. Evidence shows that he was stalking a house in Auburndale on May 24, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said.

Four days after their first approach, Pantoja was again caught snooping around the 17-year-old’s room.

“He’s a bad man … he’s been to the state prison twice,” Judd said when announcing Pantoja’s arrest.

The authorities assured that they have sufficient evidence of the subject prowling the house and looking inside, most of the time, at the window of the minor’s room.

“It’s sick trying to look out of a girl’s window at 7 in the morning,” the sheriff said. “He was carrying a sprinkler, I guess if someone sees him, they’ll tell them he’s working on the sprinklers.”.

Pantoja was working as a gardener before his arrest. He was allegedly driving his work truck to the home of those affected. The company told investigators it did not have any jobs near that home at the time.

The vehicle’s GPS showed that Pantoja was close to the house on both occasions for which he is accused.

“So at the end of the day we have a dangerous criminal who has been to state prison twice and goes to a nice, posh neighborhood to try to look out the window of a 17-year-old girl,” the sheriff said annoyed.

“There is much more to investigate, because how did you know there was a 17-year-old girl there?”

Pantoja was released from a Polk County jail after posting bail.

The subject declined to comment when questioned by the New York Post.

The mother of the teenager said that now she is afraid when she is in the bathroom or when she goes to bed.

“It scares me,” Sarah Martinez told the WFLA. “I don’t know what his intentions are, or what will happen next.”

The Hispanic mother said she saw the man looking out the window of his bathroom and when he was surprised he ran to his truck to flee the scene, but the cameras had already registered the crime.

“Watching those videos is chilling”Martinez said.

The woman revealed that her daughter is still scared: “You can see there is a point where she reaches out and pushes my daughter’s window to see if it’s open, I guess that’s not something you can’t stop. think”.

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