Scarlett Johansson will be the protagonist of Disney’s Tower of Terror

Although Scarlett Johansson is about to say goodbye to the character of Black Widow, the situation is not the same directly with Disney, since it will produce and star for them Tower of Terror. It is a new adaptation of one of the most famous attractions found in the famous amusement park located in Florida.

The Mickey Mouse studio is in the habit of configuring films, sagas and franchises from the narratives used in Disneyland. As an example are the five Pirates of the Caribbean films that represented a great monetary incentive for the studio at the box office around the world. The same is the case of Tomorrowland, the film directed by Brad Bird, which unlike the buccaneers, resulted in one of the most resounding financial failures of the study.

However, Disney has confidence in Tower of Terror, so much so that it has signed Scarlett Johansson as the protagonist, who will also receive the title of producer. Of course there are still no details about his role, much less about the plot. However, we can all infer which way the film will go.

Tower of Terror, which is actually called The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror, is an attraction located in Disneyland, whose attraction is the free fall from the heights. Its concept is like that of a tower with elevators, which project an accelerated descent much higher than that of common gravity. According to Collider, the future project with Johansson is based on the visit of five people to an elegant five-star hotel that after entering an elevator and being struck by lightning, will mysteriously disappear.

This premise was originally intended for a theatrical adaptation that never saw the light of day. Tower of Terror had already received an adaptation in 1997, in the form of a television movie. That one starred Kirsten Dunst and Steve Guttenberg and had exactly the same story.

In addition to Scarlett Johansson, for now those involved in the project are director Josh Cooley and producer Jonathan Lia, who is associated with the actress Natasha Romanoff. Cooley is best known for his collaboration on the screenplay for Pixar’s award-winning film Go Hard, and for directing the Oscar-winning Toy Story 4.

Disney also has Jungle Cruise on the calendar, a family-style action adventure film that will arrive in a couple of months on Disney Plus, and which is also based on a Disneyland attraction. For her part, Scarlett Johansson prepares to say goodbye in a spectacular way to Marvel’s Black Widow, in her own film as the absolute protagonist. This will also reach the aforementioned streaming platform with Premiere Access condition and the cinemas as of July 9.

Source: CinePremier

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