Scarlett Johansson praises Elizabeth Olsen’s performance in WandaVision – .

Television has become the starting point for new stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Disney set out to compete in streaming by creating new content specifically designed for this format. Interestingly, what began as a way to bring their popular characters to the new service to attract customers became a wonderful and very suitable move to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, being able to premiere new adventures of their characters while they Films in the franchise remain in safety as they were destined to lose at the box office when theaters began to reopen.

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Disney Plus is the platform for “new” heroes like Scarlet Witch and Sam Wilson’s new Captain America, and fans keep asking for more. But the cinematic side of the MCU is ready to go with Black Widow, the highly anticipated prequel starring Scarlett Johansson once again in the role of the Avenger that gives the film its name. This is his first solo adventure after the other heroes even had trilogies, so expectations are high, especially since everyone wants to know what Black Widow was doing between the events of Captain America: Civil War – 90% and Avengers: Infinity War – 79%.

It will undoubtedly be an interesting return to this part of what the Marvel Cinematic Universe has narrated in previous years because, as you know, the protagonist sacrificed herself in one of the scenes from Avengers: Endgame – 95% so that his companions can obtain the Soul Stone and continue with the search for the remaining ones to stop Thanos. For a long time, Natasha Romanoff was the only really important female character to the franchise; It is not to detract from the others, but the spy was the only one who was as vital to this universe as her male counterparts in The Avengers while the rest only appeared from time to time.

But now, she shares the honors with actress Elizabeth Olsen, who began her journey as Wanda Maximoff and now under the name Scarlet Witch thanks to the facts shown on WandaVision – 95%. It was time (although they had gotten out of hand) that in the MCU we had more superheroines and that is what Marvel Studios is currently doing. The first series in the franchise to reach Disney Plus was a success in every way as it surprised everyone with a story that developed in a way that had never been seen in its more than 10 years of existence.

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Scarlett Johansson He was aware of the work done by his partner, a quite demanding one by the way, since he had to adapt to the style of all the sitcoms of different decades and at the same time maintain the essence of the Marvel character. Her name may well have been in the conversations of members of the organization giving the Emmy Awards, which will be announced soon, but for now there is no accolade that surpasses the one she received from the original Avenger, who told SiriusXM. about the impact of their performance and what WandaVision represents for the future of the MCU (via The Direct):

It was great when Lizzy [Olsen] came in because we had Colbie [Smulders], and basically it was the two of us who held the fort. And then when Lizzie showed up, it was semi-balanced, because there was too much testosterone for a long time. Now, [estaba] as calibrated. I mean, Lizzy is fantastic. She is very funny and has a peculiar sense of humor. She is a professional. What he was doing was so difficult, even the physicality of what he was doing was so difficult. I worked with her and was amazed at what she was creating out of nothing. She has so much passion. I was amazed and maybe embarrassed. I was like “wow, it’s an amazing thing that you’ve created, this beautiful mystical thing that had such a strong feminine energy.” It was very necessary.

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