Scarlet Deer Inn Announces Intent to Release on Nintendo Switch

It is clear that in this world of video games there are titles for all tastes and for all types of audiences, and not all of them can be great blockbusters with ultra HD graphics. So in Nintendo Switch, and thanks to the eShop, we have a vast and vast catalog of indie-style games created with all possible care, and one of these games that has already confirmed that it will arrive at the hybrid console store, although it is still haven’t even announced a release window, is Scarlet deer inn.

The inn will open its doors on Nintendo Switch too when Scarlet Deer Inn launches

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Scarlet Deer Inn is a platform set in the Middle Ages in which history will be the main axis that allows us to advance, and thanks to it we can learn about losses and anxieties, we can explore strange places and we can meet characters from most peculiar. Thus, Elise, a farmer who has lost her parents, moves in with some relatives who have a renowned inn, where she can see different people who go from here to there. In addition, another of the main characteristics of this platform title is that its graphics are animated by hand, something that we can already see in the first images of it, which, for sure, has already liked more than one who is reading this News.

In this way, and since as we said there is no launch window, we have no choice but to closely follow the progress of Scarlet Derr Inn on social networks, to know in a while when the inn will open its doors to serve guests of all kinds and from all kinds of places.