Italian coach Sergio Scariolo, assistant coach of the Toronto Raptors and Spanish basketball coach, He praised the “firmness” of the NBA authorities in making decisions about the coronavirus pandemic, and the communication they are having with players and coaches.

05/20/2020 at 13:07



“From the beginning, the NBA has followed a firm approach until the next communication. We closed the competition without buts, regarding European football that was stumbling, they immediately issued some recommendations to all the clubs, “he explained. Scariolo during a round table by videoconference organized by the Spanish Association of Basketball Doctors (AMEB).

The Italian coach was “surprised” by the level of communication of the North American championship authorities with players and coaches. “We have already had two webinars (conferences) with Adam Silver (Commissioner), and I think that nobody in the world has thought of such a thing, “he explained.

The competition has already allowed some clubs to open their facilities to allow individual training, a measure that responds, as detailed Scariolo, in order to avoid that the players could be “endangered” by training in unsafe environments, which is why they allowed the training centers to be opened with “very rigid” rules for franchises.

The Raptors coach explained that, when the closed-door competition can be resumed, it will be “completely different” because “everything” will be heard on the courts as there is no audience in the hall.

“You will hear everything that your coaches tell you for good, and also what the rival says, the referees will hear everything. Before, perhaps the public would cover you, now it no longer exists, so the referees are in a position to hear any word, and it will also be interesting where they will set the bar for protests, “he reflected.

In this context, the soul part will have “its weight”, according to Scariolo. “A colleague told me that there were players who did not want to play, the emotional aspect of helping the players, being in a concentration for many weeks. We will have to take great care of that facet,” said Scariolo, who shared this round table with his player in the raptors Marc Gasol, the base to which it directs in the selection Ricky Rubio and the Spanish international player Laia Palau.